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The center first started as a well-equipped hormone laboratory for measurement of Reproductive hormones in the country. The hormone levels are reported by Reproductive Endocrinologist according to the International standard. The center provides complete fertility tests.
It started Assisted Reproductive Technique as Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) from 1995 for the treatment of male infertility.
Although the service is in a private sector, most of the test and treatment are expensive and time consuming; however, it provides infertility care even to the least affordable couples of the society on considerable basis.
There are two treatment sessions, morning and evening sessions for out-patient activities. The staffs are available for whole week during treatment cycles and the doctors are on call 24 hours.
The center organizes educational and management meeting last Friday of evening month. The center provides training to doctors, nurses, lab-technicians etc.
In addition, it has organized fund to its staff to participate in conferences both home and abroad.
It has also started IN Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment from August 2002 to only those couples who otherwise could not conceive. The IVF treatment is provided within the norms quoted by International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID), British Fertility guidelines and Indian Council of Medical Research (IMCR). Couples who have to undergo IVF treatment are properly identified and separately counseled. The cost factor, the hazard and success rate is clearly explained after which the couple sigh a written consent. The Center is privileged to have first IVF baby born in Nepal, by Nepalese specialist in August 2003.
We have presented the details of this pioneering work on IVF and its embryological outcome in IVth National Conference on Science and Technology organized by RONAST in 2004 March. We have also presented our experience on IVF in 22nd All Nepal Medical Conference of the Nepal Medical Association held in March 2005.
With the initiation of the center, in 2003 two days health camp was held in Auraiya village of Rautahat district along with Lions club of Kathmandu Manasalu. One-day health camp in women’s health and infertility was held in Duwakot of Bhaktapur district in 2004 with the help of local Co-operative society.
As the center is a unique leader of complete infertility management in the country, it has started to publish its past and present activities in a quarterly Infertility Bulletin first time in the country.