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  • 22 years of Service (Since 1992)
  • In Vitro Fertilization
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The Team


The team is directed by a Reproductive Endocrinologist, well trained in Infertility and IVF (as per recommendation laid by American Society of Reproductive Medicine). The center has thirteen staffs that work in co-ordination full-time and part-time as a team.
  • Reproductive Endocrinologist ( Masters with Advanced Infertility management and IVF training)
  • Obstetrician/ Gynecologist (Masters)
  • Microbiologist and lab in-charge (Masters)
  • Trained Embryology assistant and In-charge IVF set-up (Masters)
  • Administrator
  • Nurse In-charge
  • ANM
  • Infertility counselor
  • Public relation officer
  • Attendants
  • Cleaner/ Peon
  • Driver
  • Electrician