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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recurrent abortions

Dr. Uma Shrivastava, Infertility centre

Most of the recurrent abortions at early weeks are due to TORCH infections, high prolactin hormone levels, folate & other vitamin deficiencies.
Therefore correction of prolactin level before conception & supplement of Vitamin B6 during conception period will help normal fetal development at early weeks & further.
TORCH infection can be tested before conception by IgM & IgG.
In case of IgG positive cases also it is worthwhile using Spiromycin 3mIU for 3 weeks before conception, which will prevent very early attack from the virus in next conception. When conception occurs, supplementation of Spiromycin 3mIU till 20 weeks will prevent effect of the virus.
In both the above conditions supplement of Vitamin B complex & folate 1gm should be continued for at least 25 weeks of gestation. In addition, Iron & calcium supplements should be continued till term.
The above conditions should be well supported by progesterone till 12 weeks of gestation. It is always good not to let patient move around on her own. Rest can be allowed for 12 weeks till complete placentation.
The patient must be in well contact to the doctor for any emergency which can be managed in time.