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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meaning of motherhood (true story)

This is a story of Sita a thirty two years highly educated lady working in a bank.
Her beauty used to tease many of her school-mates and it still does so to her recent colleagues.  This beautiful lady was attracted to a handsome businessman & Sita got married to him 12 years ago. She started to live with him, his parents & his younger brother. The couple enjoyed their married life for 4 years & for last few years they were trying to have a child in their family.
They consulted in different clinics with different specialists.  During the course of investigation, Sita discovered that her husband had no abnormality, but she herself had a problem which would not allow the couple to conceive. Her menses were never in time, actually always late since it started at the age of 13.  Instead of every month, her menses used to come once in every 6-10 months period.  For this problem her husband used to tease her that he had married a man not a woman. 
She underwent treatment in many renowned hospitals & nursing homes but could not conceive. She even gave up her job for the sake of treatment.
Sita had a brother with family in the United States.  The couple went to him seeking the possibility of any treatment there. They tried treatment for about three months but there was no success for fertility even in the US.  In US also, the problem was found in Sita’s ovaries which were not able to produce healthy eggs to support fertility, while her husband was found to have normal fertility ability.
After they returned home, the husband started to behave very oddly with Sita. Although they were known to be “couple made for each other” they were not seen together for a long time. Her husband used to go to parties alone & come home late from office.
The in-laws were also behaving unusually, as if they were trying to avoid her during every occasion.
One day Sita discovered from the in-laws that all arrangements were made for a second marriage of her husband.  They were trying to get her permission for her husband’s re-marriage.  When Sita discovered about the rumor she asked her husband about this matter but he refused to discuss anything about it.
Sita was in agony. She was shearing this problem with her friends but they were scared to support her and meddle in her family matters. Some of them tried to talk to her husband but he denied to discuss it.
Sita had a widow mother who was living with her elder sister in a joint family. Her mother & sister were the only persons, from whom she could receive some moral support.
It was the month of Ashwin when everybody was preparing for Dashain. Sita’s loneliness had no end. She was severely depressed and used to cry every now & then. One day when there was no one at home, she tried to commit suicide by poisoning herself. She was found unconscious when her husband reached home. After hospitalization for a week she recovered and since then, someone escorted her every time she went somewhere.
Her friends in the bank were very much concerned about her problem. One of her friends had heard about Infertility Centre & Sita was brought there by her. When she visited the centre she already had lost her period for 6 months. During her visit she looked very pretty but had dressed-up quite weirdly. She was severely depressed & was not willing to disclose matters relating to her relationship with her husband. When she was counseled alone in a friendly environment she mentioned about her late period which, according to her, was the major problem of their infertility.  
She was investigated appropriately & was found to be a case of Polycystic ovaries. These polycystic women do not produce normal eggs, and hence do not menstruate in time due to hormonal problems.
Her abnormal hormones were supported with appropriate hormonal supplements. She was followed up carefully for three weeks. This time, she did not menstruate in the expected time. As a rule before starting next treatment, a pregnancy test is necessary. The test was done & surprisingly she had a positive pregnancy test.
This news surprised everyone known to her. Her conception was a great miracle for her husband as well as her in-laws. There brought a drastic change in her life style! She became her husband’s beloved once again.
Her pregnancy went uneventful. Her mother-in law was very much surprised to see her delivering a healthy baby boy after fifteen months of missed period.
She underwent Caesarean section. The boy is very healthy. He is 11 yrs. old.  As she was a case of Polycystic ovaries, her period were late again. She came to Infertility Centre & got similar treatment. To her Good luck, she had second pregnancy after three years. This time also she conceived after missing the period for three months.
Again a cute second baby boy was delivered through caesarean section.
Sita always had abnormally late cycle but these days she is too fertile. She is now working in an international agency.
She invites the Infertility Centre on every occasion related to her children. The boys are handsome, friendly & intelligent. 
It was difficult to digest the fact that she has induced abortions of two later pregnancies!!!